Skwiik To The Rescue


It's been a f*cking cold winter in Calgary, with a lot of snow, -35 degrees Celsius weather, and it being very, very, dry. Which of course, makes the perfect combination for super dry and itchy skin, cracked and chapped lips, and left wondering why you live in a place that hurts your face when you step outside.

Since I am literately not made for this cold ass weather, my skin has come to hate me. My friend's over at Skwiik hooked me up with some amazing products to fight dry skin, and help me love my skin again. Before I get into telling you what I have been using, I wanted to start by telling you a little about this quarky company.

Founder and owner Soz is a spunky, outgoing, super woman, #bossbabe. A women I truly look up too her, and love spending time with. Her energy is addicting, and super contagious! The products she has created are all natural, certified vegan, cruelty free, and a fair trade company that prides themselves on ethical products with a mindful curation of ingredients. They have a passion for creating luxury bath and body goods that are not only beautiful, but also good for your skin.

Skwiik hooked a girl up! And after just a few days of using their products, my skin already felt sooooo much better. Here's what I have been using:

  • Beaux Rêve Lip Balm
  • Bloom Cashmiire Body Butter
  • Peak Body Polish
  • London Fog Tub Soda

It's hard to find any type of chap stick or lip gloss that well help cure or stop chapped lips although, Swiik's lip balm definitely did the trick.  Not only did it help, but tastes yummy too! The body polish and body butter are my absolute most favorite. I use the polish about every other day in the shower, and I L O V E the way it leaves my skin feeling. So much better than using my loofa! As for the body butter, it left me incredibly soft and moisturized without that oily or sticky feeling. I could get dressed shortly after applying without any sort of struggle (know what I am talkin' about). The bath bomb was the cherry on top of the cake, the London Fog tub soda is one that I am holding on to for a special night. I have a Earl Grey tea every morning and throughout my day. I truly LIVE off of my earl grey tea latte, so when I found out my bath bomb was a London Fog, I squeaked like a little girl with excitement. And yes, it smells exactly like a London Fog would!

If you haven't yet tried any of Skwiik's beautiful products, DO IT! I promise, you wont be disappointed. Follow along on their Instagram and make sure to check out their website, for a list of all their luxurious bath and body goods. Be sure to take a peek at the lucky locations that carry Skwiik products.

A big thank you to Soz and Skwiik for helping combat my dry skin and setting my up with all your amazing products. I love my skin all over again, I'm officially hooked!



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