Bringing it Back


Fashion has a funny way of working backwards. What I mean by this, is that we are seeing a lot of trends, styles and looks coming back from the 1990's. Which personally, I am beyond excited about. There is this sense of sexiness, a little "I really don't give a f*ck" attitude, when these looks get put together. From chokers, to fishnet tights under our ripped jeans, there is a something for all us 90's babies. One specific thing I am noticing with this come backs, is the retro colours. Copper's, off white's, faded pastels, and others that are with more of a bold, bright, 'I'm going to make a statement' colour.

A Canadian clothing brand, one that I never thought I could see myself wearing, Obey - has changed and stepped up their game.  I came across some of the brands new pieces at Bamboo Ballroom Boutique in Calgary, Alberta. Completely and instantly in love, the colour patterns and blocking1 are flattering, and with soft fabrics, it makes these two looks comfortable.

Two different looks in one post! Aren't you lucky?!

The first look is a long knit sleeveless dress, and the other is a soft cotton sweater dress. Both dresses have these amazing retro bold colours, and fit perfectly. My favourite thing about the knit dress is that it's not tight. It doesn't hug my body in a gross way, or show any rolls. OMG and the slit! The knit dress has a super sexy slit on the right side, it's the perfect amount of leg. I paired the dress with a leather jacket, and some strapy sandals, but you really could go anyway with it; booties, sneakers, converse...

As for the sweater dress, its 3/4 inch sleeves with the colour blocking is what really sold me. This everyday piece is a staple in any closet. Again, this dress brings out that retro copper, with a base colour that I can't quite put my finger on, but love either way! I also paired this look with a leather jacket and with a chunkier sandal. Again, can also be worn with converse, or a good pair of booties.

The lesson here? we've all heard it, never judge a book by it's cover.



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Photography by: Avery Lee || Check her out on Instagram