The Velvet Revolution


I love styling and I especially love styling my friends and family - Pushing them outside of their comfort zone and having them try on pieces that they normally wouldn't. The end result, they end up loving it. I talk about it a lot, how fashion is what you make it to be, to be confident in whatever it is your wearing or what your "look" is. The best thing about fashion is there are no rules, no one saying you can't wear this or that. You love it, wear it, rock it, make it you.

There are a lot of trends and styles that I have noticed people aren't really feeling. For example, the velvet revolution.  I've come to the conclusion that it is either something you love, or you don't. I'll admit,wearing anything velvet is a hard thing to do or even pull off. The question is - what to wear it with and how!? So I have a couple recommendations on how to wear velvet and what to wear it with.

First off,  decide what type of velvet piece you want. From shoes, skirts, shorts, jackets, and bombers - Your choices are endless. For this look I chose to show you with a bomber. It's an easy go-too garment and something that you can easily see yourself wearing on the daily. My favorite part about this bomber is the detailing, it's not a full velvet bomber, the flower stitching breaks it up nicely.

I paired the bomber with a simple graphic tank, some dark washed high wasted jeans and some nude pointed toe pumps. The look is on trend and simple enough that it makes it super easy to wear velvet. Don't get to caught up in the velvet, look at it as a denim piece, it goes with just about everything, but at the same time you don't want to over do it.

Play around with velvet or suede garments. Bring them home try them on with different looks, use Pinterest as a guide on how to put outfits and looks together. And I promise, you will slowly fall in love with this growing trend.



Honey Punch - Velvet Bomber || Shine The Light On - I'm Just Complicated Tank || Dynamite - High Wasted Jeans || Nine West - Jackpot

Photography by: Avery Lee | Follow her on Instagram