Peace Out


C'ya later Calgary! It's been a slice, I am off to the big city to pursue my dreams! And follow my heart. Calgary is a great city, I talk about it all the time. The restaurants, food, fashion, and the people; it's home, and always will be. Although, there are times where you just want more. More opportunities, more city, more life.

I've been having this "stuck" feeling for a few years now, I have been feeling as though I wasn't going anywhere, that I was in some sort of a limbo. I felt this way in a few aspects of my life, my career, love life, an urge for something more. So I took this leap;

Let me start from the beginning... Instagram is an amazing tool, we use it as an outlet of self expression, business platforms, and to stay connected with friends + families. Over a year ago, I started " following" this guy by the handle of @heyimandy. I instantly fell in love with his work, creativity, and with what he was sharing. I was a total fan-girl, and when I finally got the chance to say something (more like comment on a photo) I took it. He quickly commented back and shortly after sent me a private message (yes, he slid into my DM's, LOL). After messaging back and forth, then exchanging numbers, and finally confessing my ginormous crush on him, did he tell that he also felt the same about me and wanted to get to know me more.

And as they say, the rest is history...

I wanted to put together a more dreamy look, as summer is right around the corner and I always find myself looking for some breezy, sheer, loose fitting pieces. Summer's in Ontario are hot and humid, sheer and breezy is going to be my go-too. Keeping with the melancholic feel, I wanted to show off this long white Summer dress from one of my fave online boutiques, My Girlfriends Closet.

I had been holding on to this baby since the fall, waiting for the right time to wear it and show it off. So for my last shoot in Calgary, I figured it would be the perfect time to pull it out. I paired it with some strapy sandals, but you could really wear it with anything. Teamed up with my girl Avery and hit up 4th street SW. If you are yet to see what 4th Street has to offer, go! Shops, great eats, and some pretty amazing views.

Toronto has been amazing, I have been keeping busy with new projects, and content. I really cant wait to share it all.



Maxi Dress | Wrap Around Sandals (Similar)

Photography by: Avery Lee | Check out her Instagram