Oyster Shucking!


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Over the Labor Day Long Weekend I went on a date to Rodney's Oyster House in Calgary. Let me start off by saying that I had this wicked craving for sea food, so when my date suggested to go to Rodney's I was ecstatic. One, I yet had to go to Rodney's and two I needed to get my fix in.

My date and I met up at the restaurant, and was recommended to sit up at the bar as we would get a little show with our meal. It was more than just a little show! While sitting at the bar we watched Kalvin Haiuc shuck oysters. Kalvin was wicked! He was so engaging and made the whole experience that much better. He was also extremely knowledgeable in the different types of oysters and where they are from, he managed to answer all of our questions even when we put him on the spot. The best part of the night, Kalvin invited me behind the bar to try shucking some oysters. Now, I have never done this before and I am not the most graceful person, I'll admit I was worried I was going to cut my hand open and my date would have to drive me to the hospital. That would have been quite the story.

Shucking oysters was so much fun! My date got a kick out of watching me struggle and I got to try something new. Side note, I did not cut my hand open! Haha! A big shout out to Kalvin Haiuc for making my date that much better and for teaching me something new!