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My New BestFriend; Skoah

My New BestFriend; Skoah

Like every other girl, I have insecurities. I have parts about of my body that I hate and others that I am very self-conscious about; my skin is one of those things. As small and silly as it may seem, my skin has been my biggest insecurity of all. I don't like to leave my house without at least some sort of foundation or makeup on. Some days I don't like to leave my house, at all. This all stemming from acne. 

Growing up I had acne, like every awkward teenage girl. Some days were better than others and as I got older, I hoped that the acne plague would go away... it didn't. As I grew into my adult years my acne became worse, I started looking at ways to treat and clear it. From birth control (which I no longer take - been off of it for several years now), to accutane (see a dermatologist about taking this, I do not recommend it), to trying countless face wash routines. Nothing seemed to work, it was devastating and so hard on my self esteem. The stress of my acne made my breakouts worse, I was getting these deep cystic breakouts, not only on my face but also on my back, and to top it off they were leaving scars on my face; I truly hated my skin.

I felt like I had tried everything in the book, pills, face washes, natural home treatments, even laser treatments (which seemed to help, but the moment I thought they were going away, they came right back). I felt helpless, cried myself to sleep at nights, called my mom begging her to help me find away to cure them. 


Once I got into the blogging world and worked closely with makeup artist, I was given some helpful tips, these tips subsided my breakouts, but didn't stop them. The first tip; wash your makeup brushes 1-2 a week. Second; wash your face EVERYDAY; This is something I live by. I wash my face before I got to bed and when I wake up, before putting on any makeup. I stand by these tips and they have become a sort of religion to me, the breakouts still happened though.

Upon my move to Toronto my skin took a turn. The humidity in TO helped my dry skin not be so oily. Even though I moisturize everyday, it still didn't seem like enough... My breakouts slowly started to become less deep, but they were still happening. A girl friend of mine (Laura from A Lush Life) introduced to me skoahShe told me how these products had changed her life and her skin, and through the magic of Instagram she managed to connect me with a rep here in Toronto. 

While I was living in Calgary, I had heard of the brand, but never really thought much of it, until Laura really pushed me to giving them a try, at this point I had nothing to loose. Couple weeks later I met with the rep and instantly fell in love their culture. They are all about natural ingredients and really focus on loving your skin. So after a consultation with Sharon, owner of the newest skoah location here in the GTA, she hooked me up with products to really help me combat against my acne. 

Skoah Skin Care Review || Bad Peace Blog

Here's what I got set up with and how I have been using them:

Gel Kleanser

I have been using all the products for a little over a month now, and I LOVE THEM! I really have been seeing a change in my skin, for the first time in a long time, I love my skin and it's all thanks to this cleanser. This is an oil-free cleanser, free of any sodium lauryl, sulphate and alcohol. I use this bad boy twice a day, with my regular face wash to really help get rid of any oil, dirt, and makeup.


One tip I picked up from working with makeup artist, is to always use a toner. Toners help balance your skins tone and keep things even and smooth. Skoah's Tonik does this with a mixture of alcohol-free, loaded with hyaluronic acid, comfrey root extract and plant extracts. 

Skoah Skin Care Review || Bad Peace
Skoah Skin Care Review || Bad Peace

Skin Boost Serum

Paired with my moisturizer this serum has become my favourite lotion. It's an oil-free serum that contains plant polypeptides, hyaluronic acid, sea kelp, algae and bearberry extract. It feels just as amazing as it sounds.

I've been loving all the Skoah products so much, and have even reached a point where I am feeling more confident in my skin. I highly recommend checking out your nearest Skoah store, sit down with one of their lovely ladies and get a real breakdown on how to properly treat your skin. And if you're in Toronto, be sure to follow along Sharon as she will be opening up a location in Oakville this November!

                              Check them out on Instagram || Skoah + Skoah Oakville




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