New Brands + New Faves

I know it's been forever since I posted last, I promise I'll be better as I settle in to my new home. I do have to say moving and adjusting to a new city isn't easy. On top of that, trying to hunt down a new job and catch up on, what feels like lost time from a long distance relationship.

And let me tell you how great it's all been, Toronto suits me; so my friends say. It all feels like some sort of dream, being next to Andy, exploring this huge and forever moving city, making new friends, networking, and hunting down my dream job. Job hunting takes time, like everything else in life, it will come, I'm just holding out for the right one. *wink wink*

Upon my leave of Calgary, I had the chance to team up with some pretty amazing brands. The first is this unique handbag company called Armadillo Leather HandbagsThe company is based on creating hand made leather bags. The leather and owner both resized from Colombia, and are now based out of Edmonton, Alberta. The companies Latin roots hit close to home, and became something I instantly wanted to get involved with. 

I love the attention to detail on these bags, the leather tassel and gold armadillo charm are my favourite bits.  With countless choices of colours, designs, and styles they have every girls needs met. Not only that, if you still haven't found one you love, they offer a program where you can design your own handbag! #yesplease Thanks to my partnership with this beautiful handbag company they have given me a promo code to share with all of my amazing followers! Use code "Andrea10" for 10% off your purchase! You're welcome. :)

Another new brand I am excited to team up with Back DropThis fashion brand speaks to all fashion lovers senses, with high quality fabrics and an attention to detail, they makes this fashionista scream for more. 

The lovely team over at Back Drop sent me one of their newest pieces for Spring/ Summer. This long olive green cardigan is gorgeous. We are seeing these long cardigans throughout Pinterest and on all the top fashion bloggers, it's becoming a basic in every girls closet. The length and side slits really sold me, a bonus, it has POCKETS!! And again the soft touchable fabric, that weighed down the cardigan but still light and warm enough makes it perfect for any season. They couldn't have nailed it more. 

So go and check out these brands and don't forget to use that sweet promo code for Armadillo Handbags!

Chat more soon...


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