Travel Diary - Mississippi Lake

Cottage and lake life is life; Getting away to the cabin, fires at night, day trips out on the boat, laughs and adventure out on the water, and of course all the food, smore's and wine you can eat. I find myself slow and relaxed at the lake house, maybe it's all the fresh air or the melancholic feel I get being out in the middle of no where. Whatever it is, the majority of this summer and all summers to come will be spent at this very special lake house. 

if you have been following me on Instagram you'll have noticed Andy and I have created an adventure account, called Out Bound Xo. You can see more about it on Instagram, Facebook, and twitter. We have been showcasing our travel and adventure stories there, while at the same time I get to show off some of it on my personal account. So incase you missed seeing these videos and photos, here you go!

My words can only say so much about this incredible place, I'll let the pictures and videos do the talking...