Somewhere in Between


As I continue to adjust to the big city life, I've been on the look out for cute boutiques, local brands and of course the most Instgram-able coffee shops and locations. Toronto is huge! I still can't get over how big this city is, it's overwhelming at times. I am grateful for the few friends that I have made (who also happen to be from Calgary) and for Andy. If it wasn't for them I'd be a very home sick girl.

Okay, I know it sounds like I am complaining but, Toronto has really been amazing, there is always so much going on, things to see, and places to visit. I feel like I'll never be able to see it all, no matter how much time I spend living here. This goes with all the adorable boutiques, all with such amazing products, it hurts my wallet. So I'm trying to shop smart, being more specific on what I want and looking for. Also being more conscientious in my purchases, finding more unique pieces, rather than those "I like " pieces. 


Since I traded up those Banff mountains for city skyscrapers, I've brought my local love from Calgary to Toronto; shopping and supporting locally made products. Finding those 'Made In Canada' pieces isn't something you come by, so during my collaboration with Pink Martini - which by the way, is one of my all time favourite brands and I was beyond excited to be teaming up with them. During this collaboration I got the chance to check out their store Somewhere In Between, shoot a video clip showing off their adorable boutique, and play around with some of their cutest pieces.

Not only did I have a blast hanging out with the girls, but fell completely obsessed with this little black dress. The floral pattern, length and texture of the fabric was all on point. The unique thing about this LBD is that it's all made in Canada, Pink Martini has made supporting local brands easy and affordable. Yay! 

Shopping smart doesn't have to be difficult, know your brands, take your time and really know what it is you are looking for and want. Think about what is missing in your closet and if the piece you are looking at is versatile, that it works with more than just one outfit or more than just one pair of shoes. ;)




 Somewhere in Between "Canada One Dress" || Lace-up Sandals (Similar) || Accessories: Jewelry By Amanda