Is It Fall Yet??


Ahh, pre-fall. I am honestly so excited for Fall and to be expiring it in Toronto. I hear it's weather is everything I have been dreaming of! When Fall in Calgary lasts for about a week, Fall in Toronto lasts for MONTHS! I'm so used to snow in September/October, that the thought of a real fall makes me beyond excited. 

Why I'm so excited about the weather is because, I base what I wear off the weather. Fall is my favourite time of the season, the majority of my closet is fall based items. Another reason I am so excited for the comic Fall, is getting to layer! I love layering my outfits and this fashion season is no different. The one thing I can add, is the layering has definitely stepped up it's game this year, but I'll talk more about that in another blog post.

Pre-fall can be an awkward time, when one day its hot and the next raining and maybe a little chilly. The challenge is finding the right outfit that you either won't sweat your balls off in, or that you won't be too cold in. Tip: get to know your closet and know how each piece makes you feel.  On day's off I'm a jeans and T kind of girl, it's a look you can transition to with any season. All you really need to change is the shoes, add a jacket, or another top (or two). 

Two things that are trending for Fall are belts and faux fur. Yes, they have been a thing for a while, but it's being done a little different this time around. Instead of faux fur vest, you're going to see this detail on other garments. For example, these faux fur mules and instead of a double buckle belt, we are going to see more simpler minimalistic belts, big and small straps.

As we move closer to Fall, I'll be filling you in on more whats trending, how to nail down your layering game, and what to look for in the fashion world. In the mean time, keep your eyes out for all the fur details and those cute belts! (outfit details below). 




Lady Getz White Embroidered Peace Logo T-shirt || Levi's Mile High Super Skinny Jeans || Zara Faux Fur High Heel Mules || Belt Banana Republic || Handbag The Clothing Bar || Accessories Jewerly By Amanda