All About The Little Things


It's almost here! Fall! And it's coming fast in Toronto. literally over night the weather suddenly changed and cooled down. The humidity isn't as strong (mind you, right before it rains it gets crazy humid) and the sun is setting sooner. I've slowly been pulling out my fall/winter gear and getting ready to pack away some of summer pieces.  And as I prepare for my first fall and winter in Toronto, I've had my eye on whats trending around the big city.

There are so many great looks coming out for fall, I don't event know where to being. In my last post I pointed out small things like faux fur details, belts; single and double buckle. Next I want to share another trend, back details. I mean this by the tops and sweaters us girls wear. The fashion world is coming out with some great back details and designs. 

Here I want share two of my fave open back concepts. and how I am styling them. The first look is this red sweater, in a past blog post I talked about how this colour is going to be popular for fall, and It's my second piece of red I've added to my closet, I'll be living out of this oversized sweater. The back tie up details is something we are seeing all over social media. I love this one in particle, because it's on the back of the sweater, rather than the front. Its a small detail that seems to go along way.


I paired the sweater with my got to high waisted super skinny Levi's jeans, some comfy mules, and my fave Coach bag. Keeping the look simple, yet having those small details making this look just a little more. 

The second outfit has this back knotted detail, that I currently totally obsessed with. I can go bra-less (which is my favourite thing to do) or toss on a cute bralette. The top is longer, which can be worn with just about everything. But, to keep things simple I'm pairing with the same supper skinny Levi jeans. I changed up the shoes and kept the bag the same (see the links below for outfit links). It goes to show, the little things go along way. 


Don't you worry, I'll be sure to keep you up to date on what's trending this fall! Chat more soon!




First Look: Red Sweater (Similar) || Levi's Supper Skinny Jeans  || Faux Fur Mules || Coach Dinky Bag

Second Look: Black Sweater (Similar) || Levi's Supper Skinny Jeans || Coach Dinky Bag || Nine West Sneakers (Similar)