SunnaTan - Review

Sunna Tan - Review

If you've been following along on IG, you would have seen that I have teamed up with SunnaTan. The team over at SunnaTan sent me some AH-mazing products! From body and tanning lotions, spray tan, and a bit, (to help apply everything, of course).

Because I am Latina, I am lucky enough to have a naturally tanned skin tone. Over the summer months I get deeper tan, fast. Keeping that tone over the winter isn't exactly pretty. I don't know about you, but I get slpochy. My arms are a different colour from my stomach, my legs are different from my arms... I could go on. So when SunnTan approached me with their organic 'Colour Me Dark' tanning lotion, I got excited.

First off, I have never used tanning beds, and never will. I have also never used a spray tan before or even tanning lotions. I've heard WAY too many horror stories, that I was never wanted to risk it. Who wants to be orange for 7 days (or more!) before it washes out?!? Not this girl! Finding a product that wouldn't leave me with feelings of regret, worry, and was still going to be healthy for my skin - is number 1 importance. Learning about SunnaTan's products gave me all the good feelings. 

Colour Me Dark

Not only is the packaging so freakin' adorable, but it's smell reminds me of hot and humid day's in Mexico, all while leaving my skin with a soft shimmer. Something interesting I learned about this sunless tanning lotion, is that, it's not really a lotion! It's a tanning extender! #saywhat?!

The 'Colour Me Dark' sunless tanning extender is made with unique blends of natural ingredients. which works to extend the life of your already existing tan, airbrush tan! My favourite part about this lotion is that it's completely free of chemicals, it has a hint of shimmer giving immediate colour, which allows for an even application. Colour develops safely, naturally and continues to darken over time.


Body Lotion 

I am one for moisturizing, on the daily! Coming from a place (Calgary) where it is always super dry, you get into the habit of moisturizing everyday. When I started using the body lotion from SunnaTan, I was beyond impressed with how soft I felt, and how damn good it smells! Winning!

SunnaTan set me up with their Grapefruit and Mint body lotion. It's become something I use everyday and is part of the SunnaTan routine. Before applying the tanning lotion, you apply the grapefruit and peppermint body lotion. Making sure you aren't dry, so the tanning lotions applies evenly.


Keep Me Golden + Tanning Mitt

The 'Keep Me Golden' sunless mist is a spray tan to help for touching up an already existing tan or airbrush tan. I haven't had to use this little bad boy, but I have been holding on to it, in case I do miss any spots or start to turn.. splotchy. 

The mitt is probably my favourite thing, it's so soft!! I love using it, like L O V E using it. Washes easy and doesn't look gross as you use it over time. 

With all of that, I would absolutely, 100%, totally, recommend SunnaTan and their products. I'm obsessed with them and I know you will be too!

Be sure to check them out on Instagram @SunnaTan