Life In The YYZ

It's been crazy! 

Adjusting to a new city, making new friends, job hunting and getting around hasn't been easy. Toronto is a HUGE city with so much going on. The city feels alive, full of culture, life, history, and so much to discover. With that, I have also discovered the crazies in this city. Coming from what feels like a small town (Calgary), I definitely felt lost and overwhelmed in Toronto.


April will be a year since my move to the big city and I can still say, it's been the best decision of my life. I have always wanted to move away from Calgary, I pictured myself in a different city, pursuing something I love. Don't get me wrong, I have really been missing home, the mountains, my family, and friends. But, I am truly lucky to have the most amazing friends in my life. We have monthly coffee dates where they FaceTime me in, we keep in touch with a group Facebook chat and random phone rants - when one of them needs to bitch about their husbands LOL. 

Toronto is very much alive. Cars honking, police sirens going off in the background, people everywhere, all surrounded by new and old architecture. Life is different here, I don't really drive anywhere - unless Andy and I are headed up to the lake house, I find myself exploring the city more and more and being able to point out my some of the trendy spots. I've made new friends, fell deeper in love with the man I made the move for, and I've slowly been able to call Toronto home.

There is so much to do in the city and still so much that I want to see. Although, I've slowly found my way around and already have a few fave coffee shops on my list.  I have also come across some great boutiques! To add, my relationship with Andy is... perfect. I know, I know, nothing in life is perfect, this really is. Buuut I will get into that another day. ;)

Have a great weekened!




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