Summer Textures

The Spring and Summer seasons always bring in new trends, styles, and textures to the fashion world. I love using this time to freshen up my closet and get caught up with the latest Spring and Summer trends. This time of year I always seem to feel as though, I never have enough Summer type clothes. I spend my money on Fall and Winter type clothing as these seasons tend to last longer here in Canada, so it makes sense to invest more there. 

So how do I stay on trend in the Summer seasons? I lean towards Pinterest. It's my favorite tool to help gain some inspiration for putting outfits together, building mood boards, and keeping my eye out on what others are wearing and how they wear it. I then compare looks to what I have in my own closet and see what type of new staples or accent pieces I can add. 

I noticed this season pairing textures and patterns is a big trend and something I can see moving into the Fall season. Pairing different types of textures and patterns of garments does not have to be difficult. Keep it simple. A perfect example of pairing patterns and textures is lace and pleats. Pleated anything is always a must and lace isn't going anywhere anytime soon, so learning how to wear the two is a must. 

The reason these two different fabrics work so well together is that they are both a minimal fabric. They don't contrast each other, in fact, they compliment each other. Where one is flowly and loose, while the other is full of detail. You can easily see how well they pair together. So don't be scared to play around with your closet, take a look at what patterns and textures you have, go on Pinterest and see what and how others are wearing them and have some fun with it!



Lace Top, Luna Clothing Collection (Similar) || Pleated Skirt, Aritzia (Similar) || Mule Sandal, Steve Madden