Dating Tips For Men


Since becoming single, again, and being back in the dating scene, I have come to realize that some men don't exactly know how to act or behave on a date. And I mean easy, typical, do and don't stuff on a first date. For example, I went on a date with this engineer , super smart, funny, and cleaned up real nice but, when we sat down for dinner and started to eat our appies I couldn't stop staring at his mouth. And not for the reasons you think. I promise. This guy could not chew with his mouth closed! It was disgusting, I could barely eat anything or look away. Guys, this isΒ  H U G E turn off. I have put together a list of do's and don'ts on a first or second date. I got some girlfriends of mine to fill me in on some horror stories of date's they have been on. So boy's listen up, and ladies here are tips of what to look like for, aaaand what not to look for.

So here it is:

PUT A LITTLE EFFORT INTO IT. Want to know what turns us on? A man who can clean up. Shaved, or trimmed up. Nice clean, button down shirt, clean pair of jeans and hopefully boxers. Pull out your good shoes and dab on a little cologne. Girls put in a stupid amount of effort to get ready for you. Planning our outfit, down to our hair and makeup. It's all a very long process. So please do us the same respect and make it count.

Upon pick up; DO NOT text her DO NOT call her when you are out front. Boy, you better be going to that front door and picking her up. If not, she may not come out. It's happened, one of my best girlfriends, I wont say who, once stood a guy up. While he was at her front door, still in his car honking and texting her that he was there. Ew.

HAVE A PLAN. Many of my girlfriend's mentioned they really disliked when a guy asks them out, but doesn't have a plan. You know that guessing game, "oh, I dunno, what do you want to do?" Yeah, we don't want to play. My suggestion, make a reso at a good Italian restaurant downtown. Gives her a reason to get dressed up, and you can never go wrong with Italian food. Or even better, plan something exciting! Do something new, fun. BE A MEMORABLE DATE.

STAY OFF YOUR PHONE. Unless it's some huge emergency we don't want to see it. Didn't your mom teach you any manners? It's rude. Don't do it. I'll let you in on a secret, we want your attention. We want to tell you all about ourselves and impress the sh*t out of you.

ALWAYS BE A GENTLEMAN. As corny as it sounds, every single girl on this planet, loves for a man to hold open the door for her. Whether it's to get into your car or walking up to the venue. Pull her chair out, and charm her. You'll get some major brownie points. I promise!

Now guys, I really need to stress one this one, while on your date be sure to BE CONFIDENT. Before you get all excited and think you have boat loads of confidence, take a step back. There is a difference between confidence and cockiness. A girlfriend of mine shared a story with me about this guy she went out with, he didn't ask her any questions about herself, and all he did was talk about himself, behaved as though he was God's gift to women. She left before their food came out. Don't be that guy.

HOLD THE BOOZE. Okay maybe not completely. A glass of wine or two on a first date is appropriate. Don't push it past that. Since you are driving you want to make sure she and you get home safely, and not only that, It's not a turn on. I too have walked out on a date. He got a little drunk, became really obnoxious. I left before our meal hit the table.

COMPLIMENT HER. I am a huge sucker for compliments, and what girl isn't?! We all love hearing how beautiful we look. NOT HOT! DON'T CALL US HOT. I am not a temperature. Don't over do it with the compliments, but we really like hearing them.

As the end of the night comes, make sure to GET HER HOME ON TIME. Another friend of mine made a great point. She doesn't mean to be a nag or a pain, but we also don't want to be out until 1am. We are all busy, and life happens, so be gentleman and get us home at a respectable hour.

And my last and final point, DON'T WAIT TOO LONG TO ASK HER OUT AGAIN, or call her. Two to three days max! As long as the first date went well and you hit all points, I'm sure she will say yes to a second date :)

Well boys, I hope this helps in your future dates and ladies maybe give you a couple things to look for. Set the bar high everyone! You deserve it!

Side note: Thank you to my lady friends for all your help! Loved all the stories and great tips!