Something A Little Cheesy


I love anything dairy. Creamy pasta sauces, ice cream, cheese... I go could go on forever. This morning I woke up with a hankering for something cheesy. So to fix this problem I got my hands dirty... This is an appie that one of my cousins (not really a cousin but because our families are close we are cousins) showed me how to make it. It takes a bit of prep work but cook time is quick and eating it is even better. This is a dish that you can't be scared in getting a little dirty I recommend getting together with your best friend, some wine and getting down and dirty into prepping this dish. Or if you want to make it a date night, get together with your date, with some wine of course, and have some fun cooking together.

So here's how to make it:

First you will need to get the ingredients together...

  • Feta cheese.
  • Raw Wonton noodles. These aren't the easiest to find, go to your local major grocery store and check in the oriental section or ask one of their employees.

When you finally do get started on this dish there are a few other things you will need, a glass of water, a small plate, one large plate, and a fork.


You will place a noodle on the small plate, you then will need to dip your figures in the water and wet the sides of the wonton noodle. In the middle of the noodle you will then place chunks of the feta cheese, you can put as much as you want in it. Once feta cheese is in the middle you then fold the noddle over the feta cheese. With the fork will you then need to pinch the ends closed. Make sure you pinch them well!!



Note: Do not let the wet noodles touch each other on the bigger plate. Once they dry it is hard to break apart with out it falling apart on you.


Once you have made your desired amount its time to cook them! In a semi deep sauce pan fill it with olive oil. Enough so it covers the bottom of the pan. When you feel the heat coming off the olive oil this means, its time to cook these bad boys.

They wont take long to keep so be sure to stay with it. Each side will need about a minute or so. You want them to be golden brown. The noddles will expand from the inside, if the ends are not pinched well they could explode on you. Please be safe and aware of whats going on as you cook these. Then the best part, eating them! I like to make a guacamole dip with them but you can make or add your favorite dip with them. And then, ENJOY! :)


I hope you like them as much as I do and have fun making them in the process, because that's whats cooking is all about, having fun!

Xo Andrea