The Hat


First off I have to tell you how I heard about this little boutique. While on my date a little while back (Oyster shucking - see previous post) I took a quick bathroom break and while in the bathroom I got into talking with this girl. She was wearing the most beautiful faux fur vest. She even got me to touch it. I immediately fell in love with it. We got into talking about where she purchased the vest, she went on by telling me it was from a boutique here in Calgary called 27 Boutique. I wouldn't forget the name and that weekend I went shopping. The Hat 2_pp The Hat 5

The boutique has a great location right on 17th Ave. If you don't know Calgary or this main drag it is one you must check out. Ton's of great shops, restaurants, bars, and things to do and see. But back to my shopping experience. I spent a couple hours in this little boutique dying and drooling over some of the piece they had. While I was browsing it suddenly appeared to me... The Hat. it was just any hat, it was T H E hat. I have been seeing it all over Pintrest and Instagram and I needed one. I found my size and instantly claimed it as mine. I continued to shop around and I found the vest! The one the girl from the bathroom was wearing!! I searched for my size and BAM! there it was. I snagged the last small and went home a very happy girl.

If you haven't yet heard or know about this little boutique it is a must see, I also recommend you follow them on Instagram and check out when they get new stock. They also have a web site (link below). My moral of this story is; if you see someone wearing something you really like tell me them, you never know where it may take you.



Photography by: Jane Blomfield

Website: 27 Boutique

Instagram: @27boutique

The Hat 1

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