The Transition


The Vest 1 Like everyone else I love summer. Wearing my heels, sandals, dresses, skirts, the works. I really miss it when snow hits the grounds of Calgary. Living here you become accustomed to the rapid weather change, we have a saying "wait 5 minutes and the weather will change. " Typically, it does.

The transition into fall here in Calgary happens quickly, it's as if mother nature teases us with all her colours, smells, comfortable weather, then like any other women, has a mood swing and dumps it all over you. This morning on my way to class, yes this is a Saturday morning class, I woke up to a blanket of snow and snow still falling.  It was finally time to put away my cute shoes and pull out the boots, big comfy sweaters, and the leg warmers.

I love fall. It honestly is my favorite time of the year. Getting to wear my faux furs, layered sweaters, and booties makes me feel cozy and comfortable. Just like any other girl, I become overly addicted to my Starbucks and blanket scarves.

The Vest 6_pp

Here are a couple looks I have mad love for, and a look at that great faux fur vest from 27 Boutique (See previous post).  Pairing the vest with booties from Steve Maden, leather leggings from Artizia, and a layered sweater with a blouse from H&M. The second look, I paired the vest with a long sleeved white dress From Sirens and a pair of suede heels from Nine West.

Time to clean out the closet and put away the summer clothes and bring out winter.

Dress and Vest 4

Dress and Vest 6_pp

Dress and Vest 7