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Andrea_SnowQueen_006 I recently hooked up with a group of extremely talented women, each talented in their own unique way. Ashley Kropla from Lipstick & Crossbones Makeup and Avery Lee from Smudge & Smoulder Makeup + Photography. I was beyond excited to team up with these ladies and do this creative shoot.

I met Ashley through a guy I was seeing a while back (it clearly didn't work out) but Ashley and I stayed in contact. I can not get enough of this girls style. She has an amazing taste in fashion and has a deep love for makeup. This girls style and artistry is amazing!Β  We did the shoot at her and her fiance's house. This girl has a closet and bedroom ALL TO HERSELF! and let me tell you, this closet was like a dream! I didn't want to leave. A little while back, Ashley introduced me to the very sweet Avery. Ashley and Avery went toΒ  makeup school together and have been doing makeup for quite some time.



I instantly fell in love with Avery's work. She has a very keen eye when it comes to photography and absolutely killed this shoot. Avery also does makeup and was really able to capture the snow flakes on my face perfectly. I couldn't wait to get the photos back the second we finished. She teased me for a week with teaser photo's and behind the scene shots, I just about died!

Ashley had originally came to me with the idea of doing this creative shoot. She wanted to do something different and in theme with the coming weather. What better idea but to turn me into a Snow Queen. The best part about it all, I got to model! Ashley did my hair and makeup while Avery did the photography. These two were like a dream team!

Here is a look at we did, I am already looking forward to our next collaboration. Thank you ladies for the amazing work you did and having me a part of this creative shoot. I had such a great time spending the day with you and doing this shoot!

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