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What seems like a life time ago, I had a very best friend, Annabelle. She and I did everything together, we were inseparable, and the best part, our moms were also best friends. Annabelle and I grew up wanting to be something we were not. We grew up bullied, judged, and wishing our skin colours were like the barbies we played with. Her and I looked so different from the rest of the girls, with dark skin, dark hair, and brown eyes. As we grew older, life took us to different places and we lost each other. IMG_7083

Can you tell us apart? Haha! Annabelle's 8th birthday party. These girls were some of the few that stood up for myself and Annabelle. Nothing has changed...

Annabelle from Designs by Starling by, what feels like magic, come back into my life. And she hasn't changed a bit. She has become this beautiful, talented woman. Our love for fashion and blogging is what brought us back together. Annabelle and I met up for a glass of wine and caught up. My favorite part of it all, was nothing had changed.  Our six year old selves were still there, just all grown up. During our drink we planned out a fashion shoot, and teamed up with my favorite photographer Jane Blomfield from JaneyBee Photography.



I cannot express how much fun I had shooting with these two ladies. From outfit changes, to live video chats, to being awkwardly stuck in a bath. My stomach hurt from laughing. There will absolutely be more collaborative work between Annabelle, Jane, and myself. Keep your eyes open on our social media feeds and blogs for all the details and closet inspirations we put together.

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Jane Blomfield

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