Christmas and Lace


It's one of my favorite times of the year (minus the snow and the cold) but my one of my fave's none the less. My whole family gets together and we eat, drink, and laugh. Like any other Latin family we are loud and passionate people. Whenever I invite friends over, I have to give them a bit of heads up! My family has no filter and can be a little embarrassing at times...but what good family isn't?! The best part about this time of the year, are the Christmas parties! All of the food, wine, and dancing. Not only that, its the perfect excuse to get all dressed up and pull out that one dress that you thought, "I'll eventually wear it." And that's exactly what I did. I went digging into the deepest parts of my closet and found the dress I was only dreaming to wear.

Photo 2015-11-22, 4 25 03 PM

I found this dress a few seasons back at Artizia from the Wilfred line, before you go out buying just any dress you fall in love with and go spending a pretty penny on it, make sure that 1; the quality is there and that this dress is going to last you. Nothing like buying a piece of clothing and having it slowly fall apart on you. 2; forecast that this dress is going to stay in style for seasons to come. We all have those tops, or bottoms that aren't quite in style anymore, and just hang in your closet taking up space. And 3; love it!! Be absolutely sure about your purchase, you don't want to get home and have buyers remorse and not feel confident in the dress or about the purchase...

I fell in love with this royal blue lace dress because of it's simplicity and elegance. I am able to wear it for many occasions and this time I wore it to a friends Christmas party. As a date, I didn't want to take the attention away from him, but still feel sexy walking into the room. This dress gave me exactly that, its open back concept showing just enough skin to give it that special touch and its small V in the front is just enough boob :)'


I dressed it up with some black pumps and a beautiful sparkly clutch from BCBG Maxazria, and earnings that are from Starling Gallery and Boutique. So there you have it! This Christmas shop smart and buy smarter. Keep your eye's out for pieces that speak to you.

I hope you all have a wonderful and exciting Christmas! That you each of you are surrounded by loved ones! Stay tuned as I have so much more coming to the blog, I am leaving for Palm Springs in a few days and already can't wait to tell you all about it:-)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!