Calgary Farmers' Market


One of my favorite things to do one a Sunday morning is go to the Farmer's Market. Calgary has three that you can go to, but my most favorite out of all three is the one in the SW part of the city. It is located on Blackfoot Trail. The reason why I love this location above all the others is the atmosphere. There is so much going on, from live music, free samples, and all the smell’s from the fresh eats all around you. There is a little bit of everything there. I took Jane, my photographer, for her first time. She instantly fell in love with the place and understood why it was my favorite place to go. So Jane and took a our time walking around. Tasting just about everything we walked by, and drooled over the many sweets (which we also indulged in). Jane and I grabbed some lunch, listed to some of the live music that was playing and just enjoyed ourselves.

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We went to the market on a mission. My mom needed some fresh ingredients for a new dish she wanted to try. I took the opportunity to turn it into mini shoot with Jane. If you are wondering on how the dish turned out, well, it didn't. When it comes to cooking and trying something new, you have to be prepared that these thing happen. Sometimes you have to try making the same dish two or three times over, just to be able to get it just right. A side tip for when cooking anything; you want to make sure to be tasting it as you go. Making sure to add anything it may need.

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