Palm Springs


IMG_5623 I was surprised with a trip to Palm Springs and after a very busy holiday I was looking forward to getting away to some sun, adventures and of course food! But before anything could happen, I had to pack. Turns out I suck at packing. I think I packed and unpacked my things 5 different times. If you follow me on Periscope you would have seen my struggle and oh, it was so very real. I did finally manage to get my life together and packed away my things. I had never been to Palm Springs so I had no clue what to bring with me or what the weather would be like. I truly wanted to bring me whole closet with me, but I clearly couldn't do that so, I made due.

I was taken all around Palm Springs and taken to some amazing restaurants, breakfast at the Ritz-Carlton in Rancho Mirage, day trips to Venice Beach, delicious wines, dinners, and beautiful evenings in the city. It was an amazing 8 days of relaxation and adventures. I couldn't have asked for more.


I absolutely fell in love with Palm Springs. I loved how quite it was and all the outdoor shops and all the amazing colours of the building, walls, and flowers. There was so much to do and pick from, the choices were endless. My favorite part about it all, was waking up to palm tree's everyday.

The warm weather in Palm, all colours, blue skies, inspired me. I wore pastels and deeps blues the whole time I was there. Soft pinks, sheer tops and ripped jeans, cute heels and sandals. It was soooo nice. While in Calgary it was snowing, cold, and gross. I didn't want to leave.



The top I am wearing is from Zara, bottoms are from Rag and Bone, shoes from Nine West. Layer piece is also from Zara, purse from Michael Kors.