Boudoir Shoot with Smudge & Smoulder


I teamed up with the very talented photographer Avery Lee from Smudge & Smoulder for this boudoir shoot. If this name sounds familiar to you from a previous post of mine, its because it is. Avery did the photography for 'The Snow Queen' shoot. Avery has been doing boudoir photo shoots for quite some time and shes loves doing them! Side note, she is always taking bookings. I have to start off by saying that I was so nervous about doing this shoot. I had never done anything like this before. I had to be aware of everything! How I was turning my body, making sure I didn't have any rolls or fatty areas showing. On top of that, I had to focus on my facial expressions and angles! All around it was a tough shoot and I loved every bit of it! Tip; if you are thinking of doing a boudoir shoot, I recommend to look at photos on Pinterest to get ideas of what you want to look like, what type of photos you want and how you want to position yourself.

My makeup was done by my very best friend Lianne Moseley. You may know her from social media and have may seen her amazing body painting and beauty makeup. Lianne is an extremely talented makeup artist and also takes bookings for Halloween, weddings, and many other occasions.

For the shoot I put a couple outfits together. I wanted to keep it cute, but still sexy at the same time. So for the first outfit I grabbed a simple T shirt: Aritzia from the Wilfred Free Line / Knee high socks: American Apparel / Glasses: Versace.




The second outfit was something a little more on the sexy side. I went with all black. Bra: La Senza Lingerie / Panties: SHE / Blazer: H&M /Shoes: Nine West



And the last outfit I put together for this shoot was simply a white blouse: Banana republic / Black Panties: SHE.