Stripes and Ripped Jeans


I never used to be a fan of anything with stripes on it. I felt it made me look wide or miss shaped. Until recently where I find my closet slowly being taken over by stripes. All types of stripes, pin stripes, wide stripes, some tops with many stripes and others with little. So, clearly this not liking stripes thing isn't really a thing. As this pattern is all over social media I wanted to my own rendition of the stripped shirt. I found this amazing top from Zara. My favorite thing about this sweater was the bell sleeves, leather patch pocket and the fabric. All together it was a great buy.

I paired the top with my favorite pair of ripped jeans and leather jacket, topped it off with a chunky red scarf for a pop of colour, and I had my look.

"Just remember that ultimately, dressing is always about attitude, feeling comfortable, and confidence."

- Kate Moss




Jan 30-5_pp


Jan 30-4_pp




Top: Zara / Bottoms: Zara / Shoes: Steve Madden / Jacket: Top Shop / Handbag: Michael Kors / Scarf: Banana Republic