Pop-Up Shop Event w/ Branch + Chimmi's Fresh Grill


I was privileged enough to be invited to a special event with Branch, a boutique based out of Black Diamond, Alberta. The event had vendors and artisans, all from the surrounding area. It was so great to meet so many people working on and doing something they loved. The same reason why I started this blog. I want to focus on telling you about this cute little boutique Branch and the amazing food I had from Chimmi's Fresh Grill. First off, Branch. The moment I walked in I was blown away. It was so freaking cute! So much to look at, testers to try, things to smell, and others to try on. I honestly could have spent all day in this little store, looking and admiring at everything I could get my hands on. I don't even know where to begin on what Branch was like. A Pinterest lover's dream! What I loved most about the boutique was that everything was local, down to the art work on the wall, even the bath bombs and soaps'. Rebecca and Jodie, the owners, were by far the sweetest ladies I've ever met. Rebecca was so excited about the event and how amazing of a response she got. I watched this little lady work the room greeting and meeting all her guests with a big smile on her face.

Branch has a very unique concept, their passion is to transform worn things into beautiful functional pieces and home decor. Not only do they have a love for creating, Branch offers workshops for adults + teens, and they also offer a co working studio. I highly recommend to check them out. (See below for links)

As you may already know I am a H U G E foodie. When I learned my family friend Olivier Torres was coming out with his own hot sauce and marinade, I was so excited!! Olivier and his beautiful wife Lisa invited me to their debut appearance at the Branch pop-up shop event. Upon my arrival, I quickly found the Chimmi's food trail, all I had to do was follow the smell of Peruvian food. My watery mouth and grumbling stomach did the rest. Olivier and Lisa spoiled me, treating me to a few of their most popular dishes'.

Before I get into talking about what they severed me I want to tell you a little about them. They are a Peruvian inspired menu, using fresh ingredients and their homemade hot sauces and marinade. Serving up crispy grilled chicken and fresh salads, they really do leave you 'craving more'.  I was lucky enough to get to try their mouth watering food. They gave me a few dishes' that were their most popular. Here's what I  got to eat:

  • Grilled Crispy Chicken + Garlic Rice + Corn Bean Salad in a Cream Sauce
  • Corn Bean Cream Sauce Dip + Tortilla Chips
  • Grilled Chicken Tortilla Soup
  • Solo Grilled Chicken Leg Covered in Chimmi's New Honey Sauce

I ate E V E R Y T H I N G. It was so good!!  My favorite out of all was defiantly the chicken and of course their sauces. Everything really complimented each other well, so much flavor, so much taste, Ah! Just thinking about it makes me want more!

Okay, so I totally recommend trying Chimmi's Fresh Grill out. Follow them on Facebook and keep your eye's out to see where they pop up next!

I want to personally thank Olivier, Lisa, and Rebbecca for having me at their event, spoiling me with delicious food and an even better time.



(Links to Branch & Chimmi's Fresh Grill)


Website - www.branchmarket.ca

Facebook - Branch Market & Studio

Instagram - branchmarketandstudio

Chimmi's Fresh Grill;

Website - www.itswhatyoucrave.com

Facebook - Chimmi's Fresh Grill

Instagram - chimmisfreshgrill