"Oh Natuuural"


IMG_4968 I love wearing white, especially in the summer. I have numerous amounts of white tops. It's an essential in my closet. From loose fitting tanks to those spandex ones. I use them under just about every top, or just on its own. White goes with EVERYTHING! You just can't go wrong with it.

This look is a great example of that. It was date night, and I had taken my man out to the movies. I freeze in the movie theater, so I need something that wont make me sweat my balls off  in Calgary's dry heat, but still keep me warm in the theater.


I did that with the white Zara top, light faded ripped jeans from RVCA, and a beige Micheal Kors bag. As always, the shoes. For a little color I wore cognac (which is almost a nude as per my skin color :P). With such basic colors on top, you can always play around with a little color on your feet or with your handbag.


Xo Andrea