Sweater Weather in Spring


Weather can sometimes be the killer of all outfits. The struggle in trying to find something you either you wont melt in when it's too hot, or be freezing in it's windy but still nice enough to wear something cute and spring like. Calgary's weather (as I have mentioned before) is a perfect example of this. So I put together the perfect little outfit for those not so chilly, but I need a sweater kind of days. I'm bringing back my favorite white chunky sweater and showing how you can pair sweaters with more than just jeans or leggings (or the silk skirt I originally paired it with). A little while back I bought a black slip dress from Aritzia. It is this simple yet sexy little black number, that I was having a hard time finding something to wear it with.  To be honest, it had been hanging in my closet for several months until I found something to wear it with.

So while cleaning out my closet and putting away some of my winter stuff, I looked at the two together, then I put the two on, played around with some shoes, and I was a little surprised with the outcome. The slip dress underneath an oversized sweater was perfect. Perfect for spring, especially going out in the evenings where it does cool down.  As for my shoes, I deiced to keep it simple and wore the outfit with patent black pumps.

This is a look I will be wearing over and over again for sure.









Wearing: Top; Sweater: H&M / Layer; Dress: Artizia, Wilfred / Shoes: Nine West / Accessories; Purse: Steve Madden, Sunglasses: Aldo Shoes

Photography by: JaneyBee Photography