A Little Lace + A Little Copper


Lately I have been obsessed with fringe. I never thought it was something I would get into. Why? Well, because I didn't think I would feel sexy, or like myself in anything that had to do with fringe. I didn't think it was something I could pull off, and when it comes to fashion or anything you choose to wear you have to feel like you in it, or else, why wear it? While shopping around I found this b e a utiful fringe cardigan from 27 Boutique, in Calgary, Alberta. It is the perfect amount of fringe, and the copper colour is to die for. I went for it, I tried it on and thought long and hard about what I wanted pair it with. Because of the colour, I knew I would be limited to what I could wear with it. I mean, copper and pink wouldn't go together, but your staple colours like black and white definitely would. You could even get a little crazy with it and pair it with something in army green.

I decided to pair it with something a little more on the feminine side, a white lace dress I found at H&M, some strapy sandals from Aldo, and a small gold detailed clutch also from Aldo. Kept the outfit simple as the cardigan is the statement piece.

Stepping out of my comfort zone and trying on something I never thought I could pull off or look good in, worked in my favor. I ended up falling in love with this cardigan, and find myself looking at clothing, shoes, jackets, with fringe. You'll never know if it looks good or not until you try it on, so go for it!









IMG_0353  IMG_0351 Wearing: Dress; H&M / Cardigan; 27 Boutique / Shoes; Aldo / Accessories: Sunglasses; Ray-Ban / Clutch; Aldo

Photography by: JaneyBee Photography