Fall + Trends


Fall so easily come's and go's in Calgary, in a blink of an eye you can quickly miss it. With the few weeks of fall we do get, I put together a look that is a little bit of everything you will see this season. What I mean by this is, this fall/winter there a many new trends, colors, and styles we will be seeing from the fashion world. A couple which I am showing off in my first look for fall. As I have mentioned before, you will be seeing a lot more suede and velvet this season. That is where this copper faux suede jacket comes in. When I found this jacket, it honestly completed my life. I wore this similar color in a previous post, this copper color is going to be big for fall. Get ready for it ladies, this and that blush pink colour are going to take over our closets, if it already hasn't. :P

I want everything blush, it pairs so easily with so much! So when I found this layered top from Zara, like a little girl, I jumped up and down. The reason, the layers! Another trend for this season and the seasons to come, layers, layers are going to be everywhere. And rather than having to put all the work into layering tops, this one did it for me already!

Another trend I want to point out, which I am sure we all already have figured out is, the ripped jeans. It's funny, I don't know how many times I get asked if I bought my jeans like this, or did I rip them myself. With a small eye roll, I say, "I bought them like this." So whether you rip up your own jeans or, if you are like me and don't even know where to being, you buy them ripped. This trend isn't doing anywhere... so maybe I should learn how to rip up my own jeans....




Wearing: Top; Zara / Jacket; Nordstrom brand / Bottoms; Zara / Shoes; Nine West / Handbag; Michael Kors

Photography by: Trevor Lalonde


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