Denim on Denim


I have been really torn on this denim on denim trend. It's a hard one to put together, and as per usual I didn't think it would be something I would get into. Why? I have family that live in the States and love teasing me for being Canadian, for the way I speak (apparently I have an accent), and for our Canadian tuxedo look. So when I see denim on denim, it's really all I can think about, The Canadian Tuxedo. #facepalm I found a way around the 'dreaded' Canadian Tuxedo, and slowly fell in love with this denim on denim trend. While shopping around for some new fall pieces I came across this structured denim off the shoulder blouse. I paired the top with my favoriteΒ  high wasted flared jeans and got my denim on denim look. One of the reasons why I fell in love with this look is because the denim's are different shades and textures. The top is a soft baby blue denim with white pin strips, and little white buttons going down it with small detailing on the sleeves. While my bottoms are a dark wash high wasted denim. The shades and texture of the two denims together break up the outfit and give it an elegant girly look.





NORDSTROM Off The Shoulder Blouse || Rag & Bone High Wasted Flare Jeans (Similar)

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Photography & Makeup by: Avery Lee || Check out her Instagram