Pleated Skirts + Crew Neck Sweaters


I've been talking a lot about texture's and how pairing different fabric's and texture's work so well together. I wanted to put together a look that showcased this and that is also a little more on "casual" side. I've had this gorgeous skirt hanging in my closet for sometime now, just waiting for the right time to pull it out. When I finally found the perfect sweater to pair it with, it was time. >.< While spending my summer out in Vancouver I came across a clothing brand that I completely fell in love with. Brunette, The Label, has become life. The brand's style literally speaks to me, they understand me. So when I saw their "Fries Before Guys" crew neck sweater I knew I had to have it! I paired the two together for more of a "I care, but not really" kind of look. As per usual, I finished off the look with some sneakers. The textures of the two pieces complement each other and break up the outfit from being super elegant to a more casual feel. So don't be afraid to play around with your closet, mix and match colors, pair different textures and styles together. You never know what you might get!

Side note: We will be seeing this skirt again...



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You can find the brand and their entire line through their website, and track them down through their vendors list (See links below).

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Photography & Makeup by: Avery Lee || Check out her Instagram