"Eh" List


2016_11_20_eh_list-50img_44372016_11_20_eh_list-51img_44382016_11_20_eh_list-132016_11_20_eh_list-22016_11_20_eh_list-72016_11_20_eh_list-102016_11_20_eh_list-42016_11_20_eh_list-52016_11_20_eh_list-75img_44362016_11_20_eh_list-37img_44352016_11_20_eh_list-412016_11_20_eh_list-42 Born and raised in Calgary you come to love and support anything and everything local. Calgary's small business sense is booming, with amazing talent appearing all over the place! We are seeing this in more than just business concepts, but in creative, and community based brands.

I recently stumbled across an up and coming brand that has a passion for giving back. Nate Sheehan, founder of Eh List Apparel, has big plans for his company and how he want's to give back to Calgary and it's surrounding communities.  Nate and I sat down for some coffee and he got into telling me more about himself and how Eh List came to be.

He began by telling me a personal story about a girl he knew who took her life, and how that moment changed everything for him. The loss of that friendship, and it's sudden passing drove him to become more. Nate passionately explained, that he wanted to live life fully, in memory of her. A few years later, and after a few attempts of finding his niche, Nate knew he wanted to give back to charities and help others become the best they could be. From this, Eh List was born. Bringing top Canadian's together to help others reach their dreams; creating scholarships for all types of dreams and passions, building relationships, and connecting people to what they love. That is the concept behind Eh List, and his drive for it.

I asked Nate if he had any experience in the fashion industry, and his answer "not even!" I couldn't help myself, I burst out laughing! It wasn't the answer I was expecting, especially after seeing some of the products he has put together for the brand. I instantly loved them all. There had to be a team behind him, and there was. Nate shared with me that he has about 10 team members helping him bring this brand and idea to life. He look's to them for their honesty, and passion for what Eh List can and will be.

"At the end of the day, the company is only as good as it's employee's"

- Nate Sheehan   

 Further more into our conversation, Nate explained to me some of the struggles he has been facing since starting his brand. One of his biggest goals for Eh List is to keep everything Canadian made. What he meant by this was that, finding products to put his name on that didn't come from overseas. This was more difficult and expensive than expected. Regardless of the matter, Nate is more than happy paying the extra to support local, and keeping everything local.

I was curious to know what was next for Eh List, Nate went on by telling me he is hoping to launch the women's line by February 2017, and planning a launch party for the brands one year anniversary, with yearly parties and events to help bring people together. He is looking forward to teaming up with other small businesses, artists, photographer, writers, models, brands, etc.

Nate's passion for his brand is inspiring and addicting, an energy you definitely want to be around. I honestly can't wait to watch this brand grow, and feel very lucky to be part of the Eh List Gang. As for everything we are wearing you can order directly through Eh List Apparel's Instgram, follow them there and their Facebook for launch dates and sneak peeks at what they have coming up next!

I loved all the products so much, I ended up wearing all the men's shirt, sweaters, and jacket. I also dragged my brother along for our shoot, and managed to sneak Nate in a couple of our shots. A big thank you to Nate, for taking the time to meet with me and introducing me to such an exciting brand.



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Photography by: Cam Eng || Check out his Instagram