Post Break-Up Eats


So I've been dumped. It's probably one of the worst feelings ever! I don't wish it upon anyone. It sucks! Beyond sucks! So, because I have been feeling so poopie about myself and this break-up, I have either not been eating anything (which is very rare thing for me), or eating everything that isn't good for me (but it's sooooo delicious). For example, I have been eating ice cream for breakfast, chocolate for lunch, and just stare at my fridge in debate if I want to eat dinner or not. Before I talk about the food I have been binging on the last few days; if you find yourself in a relationship make sure they love you for you. For everything that you are. All the bad and good things about you. No one is perfect, even though we dream and have this idea of the perfect person, love has a funny way of changing what we think is perfect. It takes two people to be able to have a relationship, if effort isn't being put in by both parties, it isn't worth your time, tears, or emotions. Never change who you are for someone. Always be you.


My Top 5 Post Break-Up Eats:

  1. Ice Cream - life truly isn't complete without it. But after a break-up ice cream really does become a girls best friend. My go to ice cream is Haagon-Dazs Vanilla Bean. I know boring and simple, but it's reliable and always yummy.
  2. Chocolate - Now, we all know chocolate is a life saver when mother nature hits. Recently my dad made a Costco trip and bought me a box of KitKats. These are my all time FAVORITE, I have already gone through have the box... please no judging.
  3. Pizza - Hot, smeaty, melty, gooy, cheesey, bacon covered pizza. Probably the ultimate comfort food for any reason. I mean, "bacon" says it all.
  4. Popcorn - The extra salty and buttery kind, of course.
  5. Wine - 'wine, wine, vino, wine, la la la' Now this is a given. The day I was dumped my best girlfriend dropped everything she was doing and came over to my place, bringing me a bottle of wine. She is three months pregnant, so I was left to drink the bottle of wine to myself. Oh poor me! The wine made it all better, as did my friends company of course.

Share with me your favorite post break-up foods or just any sort of comfort food!

Xo Andrea