x Whiskey Weekend + Frankly Ray + Bad Peace x


This collab is one to check off the bucket list... It's been a dream of mine to design and create my own clothing line, although, I'm not much for design or drawing...The best I can do is a stick person... and even then, it doesn't look like a stick person. So instead I blog and talk about fashion. :P I have been following Whiskey Weekend (a local clothing brand in Calgary) for some time, completely obsessed with their clothing and catchy tag lines. I have been wanting to team up with Whiskey WeekendΒ  for some time, so when I finally got the chance to sit down with Evan, owner and creator of Whiskey Weekend, I was beyond excited to do a collaboration with her and my fave local blogger, Rachel from Frankly Ray.

We got into talking about what we wanted to do for our collab, we knew it was going to be sweater related, but the tag line was harder to come up with than we thought. We started by talking about what was important to us. We are all local #bossbabes and wanted to do something along the lines of women empowerment, but not in a mushy way. Game Changer, that was the first line that really stuck with us. After some back and forth, Rachel ended up coming up with the rest. From that moment the three of us loved the catch line. "Risk Taker, Heart Breaker, Game Changer." That was it!!

The tag line seemed to speak to all of us, in some sort of fashion. Taking risks, breaking hearts, and changing the game. Like other entrepreneurial women Rachel, Evan and I work our butts off to reach our goals and accomplish our dreams. The biggest thing we have in common is that we all love what we do, and wouldn't change it for the world.

The rest was up to Evan to design our sweaters. Again, we went through some back and forth on how it should look. After patiently waiting what seemed like FOREVER, the sweaters finally came in. Truly love at first sight. The girls and I are so excited to finally have them done and available for purchase through Whiskey Weekend's website.Β  We hope you love them as much as we do!



Whiskey Weekend The Label - 2017 Risk Taker Blogger Crewneck

Rachel Antony || Check out her Instagram

Whiskey Weekend || Check out their Instagram

Photography By: Cam Eng || Check out his Instagram